Photo Books.

Photo books are an important aspect of photography, you should always seek them out and buy them - there is an ever growing stack here in the studio that covers 100 years of photography. These treasured publications have artistic value and historic as they are records of events and times past. They show us how we lived and can often advise us on how not to live in the future. Photography books are also a powerful source of inspiration and long, careful studies should be enjoyed regularly. Publishing your own picture books is something I encourage too, it isn't difficult, simple software is enough as the actual magic is in the way you create the final PDF, and even that's an easy task. Listed below are the details and Links for photobooks by David Cross published by Document Now as well as an exhibition list. From time to time certain books are published in small A5 format in limited print runs so as to make the work available, these will be featured in our Print Store.
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Seen. A Planet in Distress.

An abstract look at our environment. 
Tide Lines.
A selection of square images from the Culm Coast of North Devon, England. 
The Local Game.
Division 2 Football from the Forest of Dean.
Landscape: Our hand on the environment.
A day to day look at our surroundings, a precursor to the major book on climate change.
The books listed above are available from Blurb.

Fragments from the Surface.
A decade long search for whatever it is, out there on the streets of Britain. Via PDF and book format due 2022. First 20 prepress copies sold out via eBay and word of mouth.
Coal Face.
Limited print run. Sold out.
Ow Bist Owd Butty.
Limited 50 copy run. 3 left at very special request. Via email/post.

Fragments from the Surface.
A unique cafe tour of Gloucestershire. 2010.
Ow Bist Owd Butty.
Extensive tour of the Forest of Dean. Circa 2018/19.
Coal Face.
Extensive tour of the Forest of Dean and publication in The Independent. 29 images. Circa 2019.

Founded the Centre for British Documentary Photography. 2022. Link.