New Documentary
Photography, 2023.

David Cross is a  British documentary Photographer, example of english photography,
Documentary photographers identify as concerned, here's an example by David Cross,

New British documentary photography - see the slide shows.

Becoming Elvis is an original and unique project and is an example of social documentary photography applied in an editorial style. These images were made during one meeting of 1 1/2 hours.

Start date 7th Aug'. 2022 (Published in the new print Journal created by the CBDP).
With James Burrell. Elvis Tribute.
This work looks at a professional yet highly passionate performer whose specialism is Elvis Presley. I was very lucky to find James Burrell who let me in to see his world, our first meeting was in Petersfield at the Festival Hall. This is an on going documentary project and the images below are from two rolls of film run through the Leica and unusually for me, in this type of work, there are 4 images from my iPhone(!) The photographs work on two levels: A straight documentary of a performer and also as an investigation into our perceptions of ourselves, others and how others perceive us. As Winogrand pointed out, even the camera is a mask and although a little gregarious naturally, James certainly was transformed into another version of himself. He admitted when asked, "Yes - I do feel different".
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