Climate Change. The effect on the ground.

Published on 26 November 2021 at 16:14

Today marked a turning point in the Landscape project as I received partial funding from the local Green Party. This means that I can continue to build the work and collect more information ready for the book and show next year. Talking with Blakeney Growers Small Holders I discovered just how easy and fast soil is eroded and "mineralised", it all makes sense when a geologist is explaining it. They also went on to talk about how this horse has already bolted and that soil is considered nothing more than a medium to hold fertilizer, water and as a means to hold the plant up. Very much like hydroponics, the medium is virtually inert. No wonder those supermarket veggies are disgusting. The plants are pretty much on life support. Thankfully there is some action being taken and farms across the nation are reverting to older more holistic methods. More soon.

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