Ow Bist Owd Butty

Published on 18 November 2021 at 10:50

In the works here at the studio is the beginning of the re-publishing of Ow Bist Owd Butty.

black and white photo from Ow Bist Owd Butty, a documentary from the Forest of dean,

As some of you may know, the first major work on the Forest of Dean, outside of the fantastic images created by Fay Godwin, was the documentary "street" project published and exhibited at Art Space, Cinderford, as Ow Bist Owd Butty. The first run of books, with the same title, sold out in a few months back when the work was first shown. Recently there has been a growing interest in the Forest and also my early projects there. For this reason it has been agreed to do a second print run for 2022. The time is right as the changes around the Dean in the last 3 years have been monumental. This will be even more obvious in the next 3 years and that only considers housing pressure - the climate change effect is something we are yet to get a proper handle on. We have to deal with all the imposing pressures at once that lean on us and the landscape surrounding us, I was reminded the other day that we have yet to behold the potential selling off of some parts of the forest and what this might bring with it. There are several privately owned sectors already where public access is denied, having had a creep around a few I can confirm the beauty, and also the rubbish laying around! Trespassing is a crime so avoid it if possible ;) 

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